Buglist and History

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Starting iRacing with admin rights, prevents the plugin to call iRacing commands. So you can see the data, but you cant send a command via button. Please dont start iRacing as admin, or you could try this solution to also start the Streamdeck as admin: http://skylark-creative.com/blog/run-elgato-stream-deck-as-administrator-in-windows-10

Please don’t use ALT F4 as Hotkey !

If the plugin stops working, or responds only after a view seconds, than you found a critical bug. You should send me as soon as possible the logfile of the plugin.
To send the logfile, please click on the Version number in the config section of any button. This triggers to open the streamdeck folder, where you could find the pluginlog.log. It also starts your mail client and writes a mail for you. Please attach the logfile or send it directly to me via Discord.

Known Bugs V1.15.14 (will be fixed Soon)

No known bugs !

Wish List and Feature Requests (send me yours…)

  • Visual spotter warning button that shows a car on left or right side of you – implemented in 1.16.- released soon
  • The given value should increase as long as button is pressed – implemented in 1.16. released soon
  • Time remaining only with minutes/seconds
  • Up/Down, +/- for the items in the black box
  • Buttons for the cam tool
  • Reset the refuel after Pit Stop
  • Choose directly a given value of the in Car buttons, so you dont have to scroll through the values.
  • Buttons for LFE volume
  • Switch cam to car that caused a yellow flag
  • Autofuel and TireCompound on rotary for SD+
  • Ignition/Red/Green colour change
  • lap time/delta time/relative (front and behind car) on SD+
  • Chat Button to talk to car in front or behind me
  • Add/Reduce Fuel toggle to show the value – implemented in 1.16.2 released soon
  • Change tires showing the remaining set of tires – implemented in 1.16.2 released soon
Version History

V.1.16 Released soon -see the beta versions on the discord

V.1.15.14 A lot of new features and stuff– released via Marketplace

  • Autofuel Buttons
  • Tire Compound

V 1.15.9-1.15.11 A lot of new features and improvements (published on Discord)

V1.15.8 Improvements (Published 17.03.23 on Discord)

  • Hotkey for Cam Next Car/Previous Car, so that it works also in a replay after the race.
  • Improved and fixed some stuff for the SD+ dials.

V1.15.6 SD + Support (Published 09.03.23 on Discord)

  • Bugfix: If you start a replay with a “session flags” on top of the streamdeck, the plugin freezes.
  • Supporting the SD+ device with the first dial functions for In Car Adjustments dial, PitStop Fuel dial, Replay dial.

V1.15.5 New features (Published 27.02.23 on Discord)

  • New option in the session – session flags button. Now you could select an option “only flags” without showing laps or time.
  • All session buttons now have a frame showing the status of the pits. Green frame= Pits opened, red frame = Pits closed (Bearbeitet)

V 1.15.4 Bugfix (Published 22.02.23 on Discord)
Fixed some issues in the In Car Buttons and the Flags overlay where the Flags wont reset until end of the race

V1.15.3 Bugfix and two new functions (Published 20/02/2023)

  • Bugfix that crashes the plugin in the background if you use a grouplayout at In Car without checking one of iRacing Value/show plus/Show minus
  • Bugfix for lost frame at play/pause button in the replay
  • New function “Tear-off Visor” (See Cockpit Switches)
  • New function “Cycle Cam” to cycle through configured cams (See Cam)

1.15 Icon Layout and some other improvements

  • Hope i have fixed the bug inside the cam button, so it won’t jump ocassionally to pace car.
  • Integration of vJoy, a virtual Joystick device (See General functions)
  • User defined frame colour of the icons (See General functions)
  • User defined icons or blank icons (See General functions)
  • Active Reset Run & Custom Sector Mark (See SimControls)
  • Not only 3- button, now also 2 Button Layout (See General functions)
  • Reset cockpit (See SimControls)
  • In Car toggle buttons (See Incar)
  • Race Admin improvements at “Throw a yellow flag” (See Race Admin)
  • Show all your defined hotkeys and vJoy devices on a local webpage

1.14 Version only for internal tests

1.13 Admin Commands for race hosts and stuff from the community wishlist

  • Race Admin (see Race Admin for details)
    With this new button you can administrate your hosted race. You dont need to remember cryptical commands, you can just press a button!
  • Pit Limiter (see Cockpit Switches)
  • Toggle Fuel Buttons to red if refueling is set to off (see Pit Stop )
  • Option to see the current fuel level on the fuel button ( see Pit Stop )
  • Pit Stop set or reset all options with one button ( see Pit Stop )
  • Max Font size for “In Car” values (see In Car)
  • Icons supporting Group Layout of the +/- Buttons (see In Car and Sim Controls)
  • Cam button to switch to your own car (see Cam)
  • Show the actual time (see Session)
  • Optimized the code for In Car. By changing (+/-) a value it will be updated directly on the according buttons

1.12 Version only for internal and public beta tests
Internal tests started at 18.11.2022

1.11 New Buttons for – Sim Controls – Cam – Cockpit Switches (04.10.2022)

  • Pit Stop – The fueling buttons now show values in liters or gallons (like you selected in iRacing)
  • Cam – New button to control the camera in viewing mode
  • Sim Controls – New button for some main control functions of the Sim
  • Cockpit Switches – New button for controlling blackbox, wiper, engine
  • Hotkey with flags – completely new design of this button
  • Bugfixes:
    -Brake Bias value is now rounded to 1 decimal because the api returns 5 decimal
    -Pit Stop Refuel will save the value now and not setting it to 45Liters
    – Changed behaviour of Rewind Button in Replays. Now you can directly switch from forward to rewind by pressing the button.
    – Fixed the Incidents Button to show colors
    – And some minor fixes

1.10 Version only for internal and public beta tests

1.09 Some big improvements, most wanted from the community (07.March.2022)

  • New button: “Hotkey with flags”.
  • All buttons now have the show flags option, to show yellow or blue flags
  • New Incidents function in the session button
  • New Button for all known replay functions
  • Chat button dont have a hotkey anymore, the plugin sends the messages direct to the sim.
  • New implemented “Electronic Spotter” in the session button.
  • New website for detailed description of all functions

1.08 Internal Version, not published

1.07 First version published at the Streamdeck Store (21.01.2022)

  • New Session Button

1.06 First version published at the Streamdeck Store (05.01.2022)

Same functionality then the Version 1.06

1.00 – 1.05 First development of the plugin, only published in the iracing Forum.

  1. Pit Stop
  2. Chat
  3. In Car