Pit Stop

With a Pit Stop Button, you can adjust what your pit crew’s actions for the next pit stop. While you could already do this via the existing Stream Deck hotkey function, this plug in gives you a visual representation of the configured changes on the button icon itself. Below is an example of when tires have been called for via the plug-in to help demonstrate the benefits to this method.

A red button means, that you won’t get new tires at the next stop.

After a button press, the button changes to green indicating your tires will be changed.

This is a list of all currently supported pit functions:

Change Tires (All)change all 4 tires
Change Tires (LF)change only the left-front tire
Change Tires (RF) change only the right-front tire
Change Tires (LR) change only the left-rear tire
Change Tires (RR) change only the right-rear tire
Refuelenable/disable refueling at the next stop (see below for “Show Fuel Level”)
Windshield Tear Offenable/disable Windshield tear off
Fast Repairenable/disable the fast repair
Add Fueladd fuel, the amount depends on the car
Reduce Fuelreduce fuel, the amount depends on the car
Add Fuel 10 Liters/2 Gallonsadd 10 liters or 2 gallons of fuel
Reduce Fuel 10 Liters/2 Gallonsreduce 10 liters or 2 gallons of fuel
Change Tires (Left Side) change the left tires
Change Tires (Right Side)change the right tires
Change Tires (Front)change the front tires
Change Tires (Rear) change the rear tires
Change Tires (Left/Clear Right) change your left tires and clear the right
Change Tires (Right/Clear Left) change your right tires and clear the left
Change Tires (Front/Clear Rear)change your front tires and clear the rear
Change Tires (Rear/Clear Front)change your rear tires and clear the front
Change all but Fast Repairtoggle tire change, windshield, refueling but not the “Fast Repair” option
Autofueltoggle the autofuel function when iracing enables it. ( 1.16)
Autofuel Lap Margin Incincrease the lap margin for autofuel (hotkey needed) (1.16)
Autofuel Lap Margin Dec.decrease the lap margin for autofuel (hotkey needed) (1.16)
Tire Compoundchange the tire compound (1.16)

Show Fuel Level
In the “Refuel Button” you could select the option to show the actual fuel level.

Fuel button color according to Refueling
The buttons “Add/Reduce Fuel” and “Add/Reduce 10 Liters/2 Gallons” now change the color to red/green according to the status of refueling.

Flags overlay and Icon Layout: See General functions