Hotkey with flags

This button is for you, for doing something with a normal hotkey but with the option to show the session flags (blue and yellow).

The button has two stages. Normally you could change the shown icon per stage directly at clicking on it. But for this button you have select the two Icons separately:

I need this to overwrite your choosen icons in case a flag is shown and restore them after flags are cleared.

By activating the “Flags overlay” option, the button will flash every second in yellow or blue if the according flag is shown in iRacing. But you could already press the button, then the flashing stops for 3 seconds.

To configure a hotkey, just click in the hotkey field until it shows: “Your Hotkey”. Now press your hotkey combination and the keys should be readable in the field.

To be sure to have the correct hotkey in the streamdeck and in iRacing I prefer to configure first the hotkey in the Streamdeck, and then press the Streamdeck button for configuring the hotkey in iRacing.