After implementing the replay functions, you now have control over the cameras in replays or when watching others. This button is very easy to use and you don’t have to choose a hotkey; just place the button on the Stream Deck.

The functions are:

  • Focus on Crashes
  • Focus on Leader
  • Focus Most Exciting
  • Next Cam Group
  • Previous Cam Group
  • Next Car
  • Previous Car
  • Next Position (in your class)
  • Previous Position (in your class)
  • Switch directly to a specific cam
  • Show/Save Car (special function-see below)
  • Show my Car
  • Cycle Cams (with Version 1.15.3)

Additionally, you could use the flag overlay on the button as well. By activating this function, the button will flash in yellow or blue if the according flag is shown in iRacing. The button’s action will remain active even though the flag indication is active.

Show/Save Car

To save a custom camera view for your displayed car, press and hold the button more than one second while the car is in view on the screen. The chosen car and selected camera view are then saved to this button. Whenever you want to go back to this car and view, press and release the button.

Cycle Cams (with V1.15.3)
if you do not want to go through all cameras with “Next/Previous Cam Group”, but only through special ones, you can select this function. You get a selection of all cameras and can now choose the ones that are important to you. This means that each push of a button switches to the next, activated camera in the list.

In the given screenshot, it cycles through “Nose”,”Gyro” and “Cockpit”

Icon Layout: See General functions